Monday, 15 April 2013

Our Kick Ass Lead

Keep your eyes peeled...You'll know the voice... You'll see the charisma...

Cast Connections

Natasha Staples who plays Stacey in In Clear Sight can now be seen in Connected by Mike Carter. Check out the trailer :

Sunday, 30 December 2012

As 2013 dawns it's a great moment to say thank you to everyone who have helped us during the past year in the midst of post production.

Also thank you to the Torino Film Lab for the attention and interest they showed towards ICS at their alumni meeting.

Excitement grows as we head to 2013...

Announcements will be made...

At the right moment...

Stay patient...

Stay tuned!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Venice Film Festival

This year the 69th Venice Film Festival hosts a special event by the Torino Film Lab which focuses on Micro- and low-budget films , with the presence of experts and special guests presenting case studies: Among the guests will be Tristan Goligher from iFeatures2, Rachid Djaidani (France - Rengaine), as well as TFL Alumni Guneet Monga (India - Peddlers), Katrin Olafsdottir (Iceland - The Wind Blew On) and Atso Parnanen (The writer, director, producer of  In Clear Sight).

To find out more:

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Cowboys and Cowgirls

"For the first part of our special issue on “Low, Micro, Zero” last month, we were presenting you stories of brave, maverick cowboys and cowgirls, filmmakers who decided to go against the stream in order to make their dreams – their films – come true..." (from Mas y Mas)

The second volume of Mas y Mas focusing on low and microbudget productions is out and if you haven't yet checked the first volume in which IN CLEAR SIGHT is featured be sure to do so.